A message from roncoco
Zach Condon kept me from killing myself. He's literally why I am holding on to this day.

done xx



A message from ps-cat
Amo tu música desde que escuché/vi el "cheap magic inside"... Lloré con Cliquot y desde entonces te amo con locura. Tu arte me inspira tocar el ukelele... y no me canso de oirte...

done xxx

A message from Anonymous
just thinking about zach makes me cry, no matter where i am.

finally done :)

A message from Anonymous
everytime when i hear the word "yawn" a picture of yawning zach comes to my mind. literally, every single time.

finally done thank u xx

A message from Anonymous
If one day i could see him in concert. I will cry and scream, and cry, and screamand cry and cry and only after that I would realize

finally done, thank you xx